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Junior Sculling Regatta 2017

On Sunday 14th May at Dorney Lake

Organised by The Scullery under British Rowing Rules of Racing and Rowsafe.

Every person taking part in the event (competitors, coaches, organisers, marshals, umpires and safety personnel) is required to be familiar with the contents of the Safety Plan, Instructions to competitiors and the Site Circulation plan below. The Risk assessment is provided for your information:-

New click here for JSR 2017 Race Programme (pdf)

New click here for JSR 2017 Lane Draw (excel file)

click here for JSR 2017 Instructions to competitors REVISED VERSION (pdf)

click here for JSR 2017 Draw (pdf)

click here for JSR 2017 Pontoon Starting Guide (pdf)

click here for JSR 2017 Welfare Statement and Policy (pdf)

click here for JSR 2017 Safety Plan (pdf)

click here for JSR 2017 Site Circulation Plan (pdf)

click here for JSR 2017 Risk Assessment (pdf)

click here for Junior Sculling Regatta Flier 2017 (pdf)

click here for JSR Additional Entry Information (pdf)

Entries are invited for the following:
OJ18/WJ18: 4x, 2x, 1x
OJ17/WJ17: 2x, 1x
OJ16/WJ16: 4x, 2x, 1x
OJ15/WJ15: 4x+, 2x, 1x
OJ14/WJ14: 4x+, 2x

Anticipated maximum number of crews in each event is:
- 4x/4x+ maximum 36
- 2x maximum 24
- 1x maximum 24

Events will be raced over 2000m with Time Trials, if required, held over 1750m

The regatta will start at 08:00 with 26 Time Trials in quick succession. The afternoon will hold up to 52 A&B Finals finishing at approximately 20:00 depending upon the size of entry.


- Entries of less than 7: Straight Final
- Entries of 7 to 9: Time Trial, then the fastest 1 to 6 to A Final
- Entries of 10 or more: Time Trial, then the fastest 1 to 6 crews to A Final and 7 to 12 to B Final

If timetable allows additional Finals will be added.

Entry fees

- Quads - £60
- Doubles - £40
- Singles - £25


Run under BR rules of racing. All boats MUST display BR standard identity codes, being a three-letter code attributed to the club, together with a three-digit fleet number.
- No composite crews
- All athletes must scull for the club where they carry out their normal day to day training and all those registered with BIRO must scull for their nominated club. - No doubling up.
- No more than 50% of a crew may be J13.
- No J12s or younger athletes.
- Should any Umpire feel that a crew’s watermanship ability endanger themselves or others they will be excluded from the event.

Save in circumstances disclosed to the committee prior to the entry being made and accepted by them as exceptional, competitors must have been registered as School or Club members by 1st November previous to the Regatta. The committee reserves the right to refuse an entry without explanation, (BR rule 5.2.3(c)), and it will do so if it feels clubs/competitors are competing under "Flags of Convenience". Entries from Rowing Glubs will only be accepted where the membership is open to all young people wishing to learn to row or scull. If in doubt please contact the Entry Secretary.


- Gold, Silver and Bronze medals cast especially for the regatta for all events.
- Should the weather not allow Finals to be raced, the medals will be presented based on the Time Trials results.


- Entries and Payment via BROE2 only, Cheques will not be accepted.
- Closing Date 20:00 on Friday 5th May 2017.
- Entry fees will not be refunded if a crew withdraws after that date but BROE2 will remain open for substitutions
- In the event of cancellation a proportion of the entry fee may be returned.
- Additional Entry Information
On the evidence of the record entry in the Oarsport Junior Sculling Head (OJSH) this year, we are likely to have to limit the number of crews racing at the regatta because of the limited time in one day. We will prioritise the highest quality crews that enter, in order to promote as high quality an event as possible. We have set the initial limits noted above allowing for a total of 720 crews to race. If some events are under-subscribed then we may increase the numbers in others. For quads events priority will be given to the positions of crews at the OJSH or that have shown equivalent speed in some other event. For singles and doubles we will consult the ranking index and past performances if we need to limit the numbers in any event. We appreciate that we may have to make some marginal decisions based on incomplete information, but we think this is preferable to a "first to enter" system.

Entry Secretary:-
Russell Peacock on Phone 07881 405973


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