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oarsport logo Junior Sculling Head 2017

Friday 24th March 2017 at Dorney Lake

Distance 3600m - 2 legs of 1800m

Racing will take place in the following categories.

Division 1 OJ18 4x race time 09:30
Division 2 OJ17 4x race time 09:40
Division 3 WJ18 4x race time 09:50
Division 4 WJ17 4x race time 10:05
Division 5 OJ16 4x race time 10:25
Division 6 WJ16 4x race time 10:45
Division 7 WJ15 8x+ race time 11:30
Division 8 WJ15 4x+ race time 11:45
Division 9 OJ15 8x+ race time 12:30
Division 10 OJ15 4x+ race time 12:40
Division 11 WJ14 8x+ race time 14:00
Division 12 WJ14 4x+ race time 14:20
Division 13 OJ14 4x+ race time 15:00
Division 14 OJ14 8x+ race time 15:45


  • Trophies for the fastest Open Crew and Women's Crew.
  • Gold Medals for Winners of each Category provided 4 enter.
  • Gold medals for fastest Second Crew from a club/school in a division provided minimum of 4 racing.
  • Silver and Bronze Medals provided there are more than 6 entries. Only one set of medals may be won by any crew.
  • Victor Ludorum prize for most successful Club or School in both Open and Women's categories.

Special notice

All crews will race over 2 legs a total of 3,600m as follows:

  • Boat from pontoons, scull into the return lake and warm up.
  • Marshal in the return lake. When instructed, paddle back onto main lake through bridge by finish tower.
  • Paddle for about 200m, start to race at the 1900m mark on the course ie 100m from the finish tower in the direction of the course start.
  • Race for 1800m towards the course start and finishing at the 100m mark.
  • Paddle until close to the start pontoons, turn and paddle to the other side of the course,
  • Race second leg from 100m to 1900m.
  • Paddle back to the pontoons. Warming down on the lake is NOT allowed. There is not enough space.
  • Timing of divisions shown are indicative only, these may change depending on entries received.


The event will be run under BR rules of racing.

All boats MUST display BR-standard identity codes, being three-letter code attributed to the club, together with a three-digit fleet number.

  • No Composite Crews.
  • All athletes must scull for the club where they carry out their normal day-to-day training and those registered with BIRO must scull for their nominated club.
  • No Doubling up.
  • No more than 50% of Crew may be J13.
  • No J12, or younger, athletes.
  • Please show crews in order of speed A, B, C etc so that we can start them in speed order.

Save in circumstances disclosed to the committee prior to the entry being made and accepted by them as exceptional, competitors must have been registered as School or Club members by the 1st November previous to the Head. The committee reserves the right to refuse an entry without explanation, (BR rule 5.2.3(c)), and it will do so if it feels clubs/competitors are competing under “Flags of Convenience”. Entries from Rowing Clubs will only be accepted where the membership is open to all young people wishing to learn to row or scull. If in doubt please contact Entry Secretary.

Entry Fees:

Quads - 60.00, Octuples - 120.00

Entries and Payment via BROE2 only, cheques will not be accepted.

How to use BROE2

Entries are now closed

Entry fees will not be refunded if a crew withdraws after the closing date, but BROE2 will remain open for substitutions.

In the event of cancellation The Scullery aims (but cannot guarantee) to refund competitor fees.

Entry Secretary:-   Russell Peacock
          Phone:  07881 405973


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